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Family Tree Research with DNA

DNA Genealogist

Trace your Family Roots

Welcome to DNA My Family Tree!  We’re here to help you use DNA testing to research and explore your family history. This website is dedicated to helping people discover their family origins and ethnicity by using DNA and genetic genealogy. We believe that DNA Genealogists can change lives by helping people understand their DNA results and use those results to answer whatever questions they may have about their family history.


“Can I find my long lost family member using DNA?”  Yes. One DNA test may reveal family members you never knew you had. If you are seeking to find a father, mother, siblings there is no better way to start your search than with DNA.

Which DNA test is best for me to take?”  That depends on your situation and what you are looking to learn. We have a few blogs dedicated to this topic.

“I am adopted. Can I locate my birth parents using DNA?”  It is very possible and many have done just that using DNA as a base to begin their search.

“Can I trace my family history and learn all about my family genealogy using DNA?”  Yes. Some tests will even help you understand what health conditions you may have inherited.


  • We can help you learn what DNA test are available and which ones are best for your needs.
  • We can assist you with locating the right resources be it online groups or web tools.
  • We can advise on how to locate family members and the best strategy for contacting them.

We are passionate about using DNA to answer health and ancestry questions.  We have been witness to how DNA tests from Ancestry, 23andme, FTDNA, and others have changed lives and answered questions many thought were impossible to answer.

We are here to coach, answer questions, and, depending on your situation and our workload, help with your search.  Subscribe to our blog and join our journey to connect those who seek to whom they seek.

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