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Within 48 hours, Barb found the biological mother of my adopted brother. We were blown away to find her research summary, photos, and contact information. She worked tirelessly and carefully as she sifted through the little – yet critical – facts we knew to locate W’s biological mother. We never thought it possible to find her just through DNA and here we are. Thank you, Barb! A.B

Wichita, Kansas

Barb’s knowledge of Ancestry, DNA, and genealogy is nothing short of incredible and she works unbelievably fast. Within just three weeks, Barb had located the immediate family of my birth father using her knowledge of DNA and Ancestry’s algorithm. She helped me contact my father’s family and advised me on how to appropriately test with key members. Barb has consulted with me every step of the way on my journey from reviewing letters, to answering endless emails, to searching for, and finding, the living and deceased members of my family so I could finally uncover my truth. In every way, Barb was the shining light that lit the path for me to finally understand what had been kept from me for 40 years. I am endlessly thankful to Barb for her compassion and help.


Portland, Oregon

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